Housekeeping Updates

Hey, all.

I just thought I’d post a brief update since some of my writing is taking a little longer than expected.

I have a couple posts in the works as well as a new piece for Booklicious coming down the pipeline that will be less of a review and more of an update on some interesting changes in the publishing industry. My most recent review is of a book coming out this July, The Good Girl by Mark Kubica, but I might wait to publish that closer to the book’s release date. It’s currently both my longest and most political review, so it might need some more… tweaking. I’m also experimenting with some new formatting for reviews after I plowed through four trade paperbacks in a row and felt that comics deserved a slightly different style than my regular reviews.

In the meantime, I’m still figuring out this whole “blogging with a purpose regularly” thing and will be making changes to the site accordingly!

Happy reading